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The Man From UNCLE Episode 17 - "The Yellow Scarf Affair"

The Man From UNCLE Episode 17 The Yellow Scarf Affair Writer: Robert Yale Lippincott Director: Ron Winston Guests: Linden Chiles (Tom Simpson), Kanrala Devi (Pubhakim) , Murray Matheson (Maharaj) Police Inspector (David Sheiner) Filmed: 19-26 October 1964 Premiere: 25 January 1965 Place: Mumbai (India) Acts titles: 1 - "Target the Glowing Bird" 2 - "Calls of a Night Thrush" 3 - "... a sparrow flies" 4 - "Birds of a Feather"

The affair: UNCLEagent Duncan MacAllister travels in a Comet jet to Mumbai. He sits next to an Indian woman, Miss Pubhakim, and she murder him with a yellow scarf. In New York, Alexander Waverly tells Napoleon Solo that agent MacAlister was carying a new lie detector, the Verac-B. Waverly tells Solo that his mission is to travel to India and retrieve (or destroy) the lost Verac-B. (...) 

FYI: Another episode without Illya Kuryakin. The reference to the "Comet to Mumbai" seems to have a connection with an actual fact. British De Ha…

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